Events and Tours

Conferences, trade show pavilions, tours and other events? Focus on business via branding innovative solutions and new developments? Thanks to a team of innovative developers, experts with a bird’s eye view of innovative solutions in agri-food and organizers with a strong network, Food Valley NL can offer you a full service concept development and event management agency.

Our expertises in agri-food in the Netherlands and abroad:

  • Conferences
  • Pavilions on international trade show
  • Networking receptions | meetings
  • Seminars | workshops
  • Thematic innovation tours

Food Valley Summit: Green Proteins, 11 October 2017

Technology meets Creativity

How do I establish an international foothold for a new, plant-based protein? What should I take into account when designing the product and packaging? How do I find a launching customer for an innovative protein ingredient, concept or technology? These questions and more will be addressed during this summit, for professionals in the food industry.

Food Valley Summit: Personalized Nutrition, 12 October 2017

Food for the Elderly

Nutrition for the elderly takes center stage in the summit on Personalized Nutrition, organized by Food Valley NL, on 12 October. Aimed at manufacturers, retailers, researchers and other professionals in the food industry and healthcare sectors, the conference will provide insight into the importance of nutrition for the elderly, and trends and applications in daily practice.

Food Valley Summits 2017 – Mark your calendar


Salt reduction, Green Proteins, Food for the Eldery and Food Packaging. Four brand-new Food Valley Summits will take place in 2017.

Holland Food Valley Pavilion, Food Matters Live, 21-23 Nov 2017

London, UK, 21-23 November 2017

Join the Holland Food Valley pavilion at Food Matters Live and exchange thoughts with more than 13,500 experts from across the food, health and nutrition sectors.

Food Matters Live Seminar: Proteins and Exercise, 22 NOV 2017

Food Matters Live, London | 22 November 2017 | 15.00 hrs

Innovations in sports nutrition to the development of new products that might encourage children/young people to exercise or might help an ageing population to remain active. Join the seminar Proteins & Exercise during Food Matters Live, London